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Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Golden Bear at the Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Golden Bear Toys Official London 2012 Olympic Mascots

Don't Miss Wenlock and Mandeville Live on BBC 1 

The clock is ticking down for the live coverage of the Olympics Opening Ceremony showing on BBC 1.  If you are not lucky enough to have tickets you can catch all the excitement with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. Golden Bear are particularly looking forward to watching the Official London Olympic Mascots 2012 who will be there on July 27 taking part in all of the fun.

The opening ceremony will see the Olympic Stadium completely transformed into the British Countryside. There are 10,000 volunteers who are ready to help set the stage for the historic event which will feature famous landmarks such as Glastonbury and farmyard animals too! You will be able to watch families eating picnics, people playing sports and even farmers tilling the land.

The opening scene ‘Green and Pleasant’ has been created by Danny Boyle and is expected to be watched by up to one billion people worldwide.  The Golden Bear mascots are very excited to be there among all of the volunteers and famous faces, and the goats, sheep, sheepdogs, geese, chickens, horses and ducks.

Wenlock, Mandeville,Golden Bear Official Olympic Mascots 2012

Party Ideas

Will you be watching the opening ceremony? Why not make it an extra special occasion and prepare a picnic in the living room for your children, friends and family. Remember you can also invite the official mascots, Wenlock, Mandeville and even Pride the Lion along too.  You can purchase them directly from our Golden Bear online store. 

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