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Wenlock Pops Up in Holby City, Did You See Him?

Posted by Lynette - on

Wenlock Pen Featured on BBC 1's Holby City
Did you watch Holby City last night? The popular hospital drama on BBC1 featured a few nods towards the London Olympics, did you spot any? There was an Olympian Porter wearing an Official Olympic t-shirt, a patient was asked if they would be watching but best of all our Wenlock pen also had its time in the spotlight, much to the delight of Wenlock himself.

You can expect to see a lot of our two Olympic Mascots on BBC1 during the live coverage, replays and during the opening ceremony, which also got a mention on Holby City last night. Keep any eye out for Wenlock and Mandeville when watching the Golden Moments too as they will make an appearance on your screen to help everyone celebrate the historic achievements, 
Team GB Olympic 8 Colour Changer Pen

We have lots of excellent pens available on our online shop. You can choose between Wenlock, Mandeville, and Team GB pens. They are available as part of a set or can be purchased separately. Visit our Official Olympic Mascots collection online and buy yours today, they also make excellent, affordable gift ideas! 

We would love to hear from you if you spot Wenlock or Mandeville on any other television shows over the next couple of weeks. Please leave a comment below and let us know where and when you saw them; Wenlock and Mandeville will really appreciate it! 

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