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Make Bedtime Fun with the Bananas in Pyjamas

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Golden Bear Toys Bananas in Pyjamas Collection
Golden Bear have recently launched the brand new Bananas in Pyjamas collection so now it’s easy to bring the much loved television characters into your home.  Watch your children’s faces light up when you show them the loveable night time Banana Buddies. If you are trying to build a solid night time routine the loveable and very snuggable B1 and B2 could help you make bedtime more appealing. 

The night time Bananas are always feeling sleepy and they enjoy nothing more than having a good old sleep. Why? Well after a sleep they feel all refreshed and ready to have some fun!  When you lie them down they will gently start to snore, and when they are picked up listen out for fun phrases and the brilliant Bananas in Pyjamas theme tune. 

Night time Bananas in Pyjamas
If you’re trying to encourage a good night time routine remember these simple tips:
  • Wind down time is essential, why not watch some of your favourite episodes of Bananas in Pyjamas before heading upstairs
  • A bath is a wonderful way of relaxing and preparing for bed.  Give your child a lovely bath each night and pop on their favourite soft pyjamas, just like B1 and B2 wear!
  • Story time is the perfect way to end the day. Grab B1 and B2 and tuck them in under the covers while you read a relaxing bedtime story.
  • Lay down B1 and B2 and listen to them snore as they fall asleep. Have a goodnight hug and kiss, not forgetting the bananas in Pyjamas too, turn off the light and let your child fall to sleep with their favourite friends. 

You can now find the entire new bananatastic Bananas in Pyjamas toy line directly from the Golden Bear Toys website. With prices starting from just £3.99 there’s something for everyone. 

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