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Looking for a New Buddy?

Posted by Lynette - on

Shoulder Buddies from Golden Bear Toys

Shoulder Buddies are proving to be a huge hit with children of all ages.  These cute little guys and gals come in a range of colours, each with their own unique personality and a lot of gorgeous fluffy hair. What makes Shoulder Buddies so fun is that their owners can choose to wear them however they want.  This is tanks to the magic coin. Simple position your buddy on you shoulder, cap, bag or anywhere else you please and place the magic coin underneath to ensure your new best buddy will remain in position all day long.  You will then be able t take them with you wherever you go, to the beach, the zoo or round your friends house.

Golden Bear Toys Shoulder Buddies

Sitting on the shoulder is the best place to be though as here they love nothing more than to listen to your stories, share your worries or simply be right by your side come rain or shine. Everyone needs such a loyal friend.  Each one comes with their own smarts card which is full of smart tips for the shoulder buddies time spent at the ‘School of Smarts’. They just love to share their wisdom with their best friends.   

These friendly toys from Golden Bear are collectable too. Come and meet the whole gang including Diva, Fetti, Doc, Harmony, Splash and more by visiting the Golden Bear Toys store online.  

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