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On Your Marks – Get Set – Go!

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Cars are often favourite toys in the toy box, especially for boys who love to get down and perform stunt driving and watch their favourite cars go fast and furious over the living room floor or down the garden path.  Boys and girls will really love the Go Mini collection from GB toys, the ideal gift for bored children fed up of the holidays and looking forward to getting back to school. 

If you want to keep the children entertained here is a simple way of making a fun race track, ideal for Go Mini cars! 

Make Your Own Race Track

2 x plain A4 card or paper

2 x drinking straws

Black felt tip or crayon

A pen or pencil

Scissors (to be used by adults)

Glue or sticky tape

White chalk

1 x polystyrene or paper cup

A patio or path – You can draw the track on a large piece of paper if you don’t have an outside area.


  1. Draw a two-lane oval rack track on the concrete slabs. 
  2. Draw a line for the starting point and finishing line.
  3. Use one piece of card and the black felt tip to create the chequered flag effect.  Once you have coloured in the card in fold it in half and cut down the middle so you have two chequered pieces of card. 
  4. Take one piece of the chequered card, fold it in half and place the straw in the middle. Make sure there is plenty of straw sticking out of the bottom before gluing or sticking it in place. Once the straw is attached put glue or double sided sticky tape on the insides of the chequered paper and presses the sides together to make the flag. Repeat with the second piece of paper so you have two flags. 
  5. Use a pen to create a hole in the bottom of the polystyrene cup. Once you have created the hole, turn the cup the right way up and put in a small amount of sand or a few rocks inside.  Cover the hole at the top of the cup with the piece of unused card and glue or tape over the edges so nothing can come out. 
  6. Turn the cup over and push the straw of one flag into the hole you made in the bottom of the cup and place next to your finishing line on the track.
  7. Use the other flag to wave as the children race their cars around the tracks!  

The GO Mini have their own personalities and come in a range of styles. With four different sets there is plenty of choice, ideal for gradually building the whole collection of 17 cars over birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. Plus they are brilliant treats for rewarding excellent behaviour and completed chores. You can find a wide collection of the Go Mini cars on the Golden Bear Toys online store right now. 

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