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It's Go MINI Week on UK Mums TV!

Posted by Lynette - on

We are thrilled to announce that our wonderful friends at have declared this week to be Go Mini Week! If you head over to their website you’ll be given the opportunity to enter competitions to win prizes from Golden Bear Toys each and every day. What’s more, one lucky winner will be winning the complete Go MINI collection worth over £100.  There are lots of different toys from our collection up for grabs every day so remember to enter each one and who knows, a very cool Go MINI could be racing to your house!

We are delighted to have received some wonderful reviews on our Go MINI range too.  The Stunt Launcher was reviewed by Tanya who stated:

“…I also liked that it doesn't need batteries which was great as my kids wanted to play with it as soon as it came out of the box and I think the overall quality was high and it was a robust toy which withstood a lot of play time!”

Emily was the reviewer for our Stunt Racers who also seemed to be really impressed by the high quality of the cars. Emily also went on to say:

“They’re great value for money are sturdy and well-built making them suitable for 3+ and the cars are also compatible with the Stunt Launcher accessory too.”

Finally it was Lucy’s turn to review our Freestylers who stated:

“The cars make up a great collection and offer great value for money as they’re an original British brand and have batteries included saving you a few extra pounds.”

We are delighted with all of the positive reviews from happy mums and children. If you would like to read more about their experiences and thoughts you can do so by heading over to You'll also find all the information about this week’s competitions and how to enter.  We wish you all good luck and hope the eventual winners are thrilled with their prizes.  You can also head over to our online store and check out the full Go MINI range. 

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