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Mandeville's Ready for the Paralympic Opening Ceremony - Are You?

Posted by Lynette - on

Mandeville Paralympic Mascot - Golden Bear Toys

Finally, the Paralympic opening ceremony is upon us, and once again the nation will be watching with pride as the games are officially opened. Mandeville, the Paralympic Mascot is ready for all the action and has already been spotted with The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, as he greeted the torchbearers as the flame reached City Hall. 

Crowds have lined the streets of London one more, despite the rain, to cheer on the torch relay as it heads for the stadium. The torch has passed through Lords Cricket Ground and even crossed over the iconic Abbey Road pedestrian crossing made famous by The Beatles.  

The London Paralympic Games 2012 are going to be the biggest ever held, and the opening ceremony itself is expected to be the start of a new dawn for the disabled arts. Millions of viewers from all over the world will watch the £8 Million ceremony, and famous faces including Stephen Hawking and Ian Mckellen are expected to be involved. 

It's time to go and grab your Golden Bear Toys official Paralympic and Olympic mascots and settle down for another night of excitement, celebration and start getting excited about the amazing athletes about to become household names as they battle for gold. If you do not have your own Mandeville mascot yet there is still time as they are currently available on our online store with up to 75% off! 

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  • Where are the gold mandevilles soft toys ?

    Julie on
  • We have a gold Wenlock mascot. Are there going to be gold Mandevilles too?

    Rach on

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