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Help Settle First Day Nerves with Chloe's Closet

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The summer holidays are almost over, and the sun decides to shine at last in typical British style. Many children will be preparing for their first day at nursery or primary school and perhaps there are some slight nerves and butterflies making an appearance below the surface. If this is the case in your house why not let Chloe’s Closet help.

Chloe and her friends head off on some make believe adventures by dressing up in the costume that appears in her closet. Why not help to settle those nerves by popping the new school uniform in the closet and have some fun at a pretend school.  Grab some favourite toys, such as Chloe and her friends, and take the register. Spend an hour doing some fun things like colouring, playing with Playdoh or even going out into the garden and collecting some leaves and flowers for a pretty collage.  Take a break for a yummy picnic in the garden at lunchtime and end the play session with a brilliant story. Perhaps one all about Chloe’s Closet, or you could even watch her show.

Playing schools is a wonderful way of showing your child how fun and exciting school can be. You can explain what a register is and help to establish the routine of playful learning with breaks in between. Children also love to dress up in their brand new clothes and try out their bags too, and this is the perfect excuse.  Just remember not to do anything too messy!

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