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Make Stories Come Alive

Posted by Lynette - on

Chloe's Closet from Golden Bear Toys

One of the great things about starting school is all those brilliant new books your children get to bring home. There are so many new adventures to discover and children love to spend time with their mum and dad looking at the pictures and learning new words. Not all children have a love for books though and sometimes it can be a struggle getting your child to sit still long enough to complete the book. A wonderful way of encouraging reluctant readers is to bring the book to life.

Instead of just sitting and reading why not turn the book into a play. Encourage your child to pick one of the characters and use their toys to play the other roles. Dress up and have fun recreating the story, just like Chloe and her friends do on the popular television show, Chloe’s Closet.

Acting out the book is a great way of turning reading into a fun activity for those who struggle to get involved in the story. It’s fun for those that do enjoy reading too! Find some outfits and props, learn a few of the lines and help your children discover more about the characters and stories they are reading about in school. 

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