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The End of an Amazing Sporting Summer

Posted by Lynette - on

 Goodbye to the Paralympics with GB Toys


The Paralympics came to an end yesterday with an incredible closing ceremony that will be certainly be remembered.  The Olympic Stadium was filled with 60,000 people all in awe of the dramatic scenes unveiling before their eyes. The world watched as stars such as Coldplay, Jay-Z and Rihanna showcased their talents in order to celebrate the most successful Paralympic games ever held.

The athletes all watched and enjoyed the show including many service men and women who were honoured for the work they have carried out for the Help the Heroes charity.  Names such as Sarah Storey, David Weit, Rory MacKenzie, Captain Luke Sinnott and Captain Tony Harris were all present and proud to be included.

Mandeville, the Paralympic mascot, has been there throughout with his good friend Wenlock. The Closing Ceremony was split into four parts and they were designed to reflect the cycle of life and the seasons. Incredible figures, burning display and fantasy inspired vehicles such as steam ships and a giant fish skeleton amazed viewers and made sure the closing ceremony was one to remember.

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