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Is Your Child Missing Their Siblings Now School Has Begun?

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The younger siblings that have to watch their brothers and sisters go to school can feel a little left behind. While older brothers and sisters are treated to new school uniforms, bags and shoes and head out for fun at school, the younger ones are left with no one to keep them company apart from you and the pets. Little children can really enjoy this special time with mum and dad, but it can be a little boring too. After the fun of the summer and always having a play mate close by the change can take a little getting used to.

Some children can find the change a little tough to get used to, but it often doesn’t last long. If you have a young toddler that is missing their play buddy, or who seem jealous, you can help by giving them their own special area in the home. If your child already has one you could give it a makeover.

Try adding some new activities that help to show your child that they are growing up too. Give them some more responsibilities in the home that are age appropriate and be thankful for their efforts. One fun idea is to recreate the class room at home and do some activities that the older siblings will be experiencing in nursery or infant school such as:

  • Colouring and painting
  • Playing with sand and water
  • Reading some new books together

Take a trip to the shops and pick up some crayons and a notepad just for your little one. Walk home via the library with some new books to read at bedtime or with their siblings as they arrive home from school. Some of our fun toys that are ideal for games with sand and water include the My 1st JCB range. We love these toys and young boys and girls do too as they are able to help make sand play more fun and are able to get dirty! Take a look at our hugely popular range of toys on the GB Toys online store and treat your little ones to something that will keep them occupied and may even buy you enough time to have a peaceful cup of tea before the school run. 

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