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It's Friday - The Weekend is Almost Here!

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 Have fun at the weekend with Golden Bear

The school term has now finally become the norm for most of us. All new school and nursery starters will be getting used to the weekly routine daily and come to know that the weekend means no early morning dash out the house. It’s time to have some fun at home and with the family, so what will you get up to this weekend?

A Trip to the Park

If you have a bouncy toddler or an energetic child a trip to the park is a wonderful way of rewarding their behaviour in school.  It can be difficult to learn that there are times to run about and others to sit quietly and listen.  The weekend is the perfect way to let all of that energy out and there is no better place than the park or local fields. Grab the dog and the rest of the family and have some fun enjoying this sunny autumn weather.

Fun at Home

Some children, and parents, prefer to spend time relaxing in their homes. With demands of where to be and when it’s the perfect time to reach into the toy box and find some much loved friends. Take a look through your child’s school folder and ask what they have been learning about in school. Then pick up the toys, maybe a My 1st JCB or Chloe's Closet playsets and see if you can encourage further understanding of the topic through play.  Alternatively let your child run the show and have fun seeing their imagination run wild.

Visit the Grandparents

Another great way to spend the weekend is by going to visit the grandparents or aunts and uncles. With so much change in the past couple of weeks there will be plenty to talk about and discuss. Plus there may be a few toys there that haven’t been played with for a while, and you never know there could be something yummy to eat in the cupboard too.

Whatever you are up to this weekend Golden Bear hopes you all have a fun one!

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