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Surviving Car Journeys with Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

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Travelling with children can sometimes be a rather challenging adventure. Even the shortest of trips can lead to all sorts of drama with fighting and falling out in the back seat, drinks spilt and the sheer boredom that comes with being strapped into the seat for any duration of time. Within minutes exhilaration of going somewhere fun can turn into frustration.  

If you are planning a long car journey any time soon try our tips on how to make the journey far more bearable for everyone.

  • Plan out new journeys in advance. The last thing you want is to find yourself lost and looking for directions on that big fold out map in the glove compartment. If you don’t have a Satnav there are plenty of excellent online directional tools that will make sure you know exactly where to go without a hitch.
  • Motorways are less likely to cause car sickness as the roads are straighter. It’s also easier for children to fall asleep with the constant flow of the cars. There are also service stations that have toilets and the opportunity to stretch your legs and buy a bite to eat or emergency items such as baby wipes or nappies.
  • If possible plan to travel at night as children can settle in their car chairs wearing Pyjamas and are much more likely to sleep. Give them a blanket and their favourite soft toy such as Ben and Holly’s Mini toys.  They are small enough not to take up much room and will provide comfort on the journey and entertainment until your child drops off.
  • Prepare for car sickness. If your child is prone to sickness consider speaking to your doctor about prevention tablets or pressure point wristbands. Pack a change of clothing for in the car and plastic bags just in case.
  • Pack a small box of treats for each child travelling. Books and magazines are not a good idea as they can cause sickness. Pack small toys or a playset such as the brilliant Ben and Holly’s Little Castle Pocket Playset and the Duck Pond Pocket Playset.
  • Play games such as eye spy, first person to spot a certain colour or make of a car or even car snooker.

We wish you happy travels, and with GB Toys favourites Ben and Holly keeping your children amused it’s bound to be a magical trip. 

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