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Things to Do on a Blustery Afternoon

Posted by Lynette - on

Bananas in Pyjamas at Golden Bear Toys

Playing in the rain can be great fun, but there are days when the best idea is to stay indoors. With the summer now behind us we have been faced with howling winds and enough rain to last us a few weeks at least, and it’s not over yet. With rain and wind forecast for most of the country over the next couple of days we have a few ideas on how to keep the kids entertained inside.

1.      Sort out the toy box. This may sound like a chore, but it can be fun too.  Toy boxes can be filled with old toys that have been neglected for months. Having a clear out will keep the children entertain as they have fun with old friends, and allows you to get rid of some of the toys that are broken or certainly outgrown.

2.      Putting on a play is always loads of fun for the children. Pick a favourite story of theirs, or use a character as inspiration such as Chloe from Chloe’s Closet and start the performance. Remember to go the whole hog with dressing up and accessories to really help your child get into character. Why not film it for prosperity too.

3.      Painting is always fun and a hand and foot print art work session could be long overdue. With Christmas creeping up slowly these few rainy days could be the perfect time to start creating homemade Christmas cards for the family.

4.      Movie time can give you an hour’s peace if you feel you really need some quiet time. Find a movie the children haven’t seen for a while or head to the DVD shop and rent something brand new. Make some healthy snacks and sit back with a lovely cup of tea. It might be the ideal time to get that washing up out the way but you can always do that later!

5.       Going stir crazy? Why not invite some friends to head out to the local swimming pool or Ball Park to burn off some of that pent up energy.

Once the heavy rain passes it will be fun to head out once more. Until then we hope these ideas will help you to keep your children occupied throughout the day. We have lots of toys that can help to keep the children entertained. Stick on felts and playsets from our Ben and Holly’s collection and Banana’s in Pyjamas dominoes can all be purchased from our Golden Bear online store for less than £10! 

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