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A Buddy That’s With You Every Step of the Way

Posted by Lynette - on

Shoulder Buddies from Golden Bear

Shoulder Buddies are heaps of fun and proving to be a big hit with children all over the country. The great thing about Shoulder Buddies is their special ability to be with you all the time, even when your hands are free. As if by magic you can attach your favourite friends to your clothing or even your accessories and they stay in place keeping you company the whole time. 

These cute little collectables are available on our Golden Bear online store for just £4.99 each. There are eight to collect and they all have their own distinct personalities. You can tell them apart from their colourings and the markings on their tummies. Each one also has a crazy colourful hairdo that children adore. Take a look at these fun friends and start your collection of Shoulder Buddies today!

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