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Encourage Your Children to Get In Touch with Nature

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Golden Bear Toys - Gardening with toddlers 

There is a lot of concern about the lack of interaction children have with nature right now in the media. The National Trust has started a campaign hoping to encourage parents to let their children enjoy the outdoors as we discussed on the Golden Bear blog last week. However, you don’t need to wait until your child is old enough to go off on adventures on their own, you can start right now.

Gardening with Children

If you have a garden one idea is to section a small part off just for your child. Encourage your child to plant seeds and watch them grow. With your help and guidance they can get down and dirty digging the soil with the help of the My First JCB range. Most seeds need sowing around March or April but some seeds can be successfully sown at this time of year such as:

  • Winter Gem Cos lettuce
  • Pea Meteor
  • Spring Onion
  • Broad Bean

There are lots of other jobs that will need to be done at this time of year too. Autumn is the time for:

  • Tidying up by removing all the debris, weeds and dead heading.  Create a compost heap or buy a ready-made one to put all the waste to use in the garden next year.
  • Harvest any of the vegetables you have grown such as onions, carrots or runner beans. If you have lots of spuds invest in some Hessian sacks to keep them from rotting over the winter.
  • Take care of the birds but creating a bird table or hanging some home-made feeders in the trees.
  • Leave an area of old twigs and leaves for insects or hedgehogs to use in the winter.

Toddlers and pre-school children often love to help out. Why not make the most of it and teach them how to love the garden and the outdoors at the same time.  

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