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Build a Wormery with the Help of My First JCB

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Construction toys can help you to encourage your child to have some great fun getting dirty and a little dirt is to be considered a good thing. As the National Trust is currently trying to help encourage parents to let their child get a little muddy, we have decided to join in the fun too here at Golden Bear Toys.

My 1st JCB at Golden Bear

Talking Joey from the fantastic My First JCB range is perfect for today’s task - making a wormery.  He is strong and durable and has the perfect digger to help with some of the muddy work.  Joey is made from durable plastic so he can be easily washed off and ready to play another day. So let’s get started…

What You Need

  • Talking Joey (optional)
  • Sand
  • Moistened soil
  • Earthworms (might need to go on a digging session first!)
  • A large glass jar with lid
  • Old leaves
  • Vegetable peelings
  • Black paper
  • Cool dark cupboard
  • Sticky tape

 Making the Wormery

  1. Add a 1cm layer of sand to the bottom of the jar
  2. Add a thicker layer of soil on top of the sand
  3. Add another thin layer of sand, followed by a thick layer of soil and continue until you nearly reach the top, leaving a space of around 5cm from the last layer and the top of the jar. This is the perfect job for Taking Joey!
  4. Get the worms from the earlier hunt, or head out to the garden with Talking Joey and see if you can find some. Let your child look at the worms and learn about them. How does it move? Where is its head? They are fascinating creatures!
  5. Put the worms inside the jar and cover the top with the old leaves and veggie peelings. You can also add tea leaves and any fruit that is overripe.  
  6. Pierce a few holes in the top of the lid (a job for mums and dads) and secure it to the top of the jar.
  7. Wrap the black paper around the jar with the sticky tape. Put your wormery in the dark cupboard for a couple of weeks.
  8. After two weeks go and investigate the wormery and see what the worms have been up to!
We hope you have fun making your wormery. We would love to hear about your results, follow Golden Bear on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook and let us know how you get on. 



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