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Going on a Snail Hunt

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We are focusing on outdoor fun here at Golden Bear after being inspired by the National Trust campaign aiming to encourage adults and children to get off the sofa and explore the world around them. Today is an easy task involving tracking snails. This activity will encourage your child to use their investigation skills and help them to learn something new about nature.

What You Need

A garden or outdoor space

Some correction fluid or brightly coloured nail varnish

Make sure your child washes their hands properly after handling the snails

What to Do

Get on your coats and go hunting for snails in your garden or local park. Snails love to come out during or after rain showers so it shouldn't be too hard to find them this week! When you come across a snail pick it up and place a small dot of correction fluid or nail varnish on the back of its shell. Hold onto the snail until it the mark dries and then take it out of your garden or the area where you found it and place it safely on the grass or soil. Repeat this on several snails until your child has had enough of hunting or you run out of snails.

Over the next week ask your child to check out in the garden to see if they can find the snails that have been marked. If they are able to find them it shows that snails have their own territories and a homing instinct that keeps them coming back to the same place.  If your child finds only snails without the marks on their shells perhaps they have discovered a great way of getting rid of snails!

We think this is the kind of activity that Peppa Pig and George would love, after all they love muddy puddles!


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