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Fun with the Sandpit

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My 1st JCB Fun with Golden Bear Toys

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the fun in the sandpit has to stop. Throwing on a coat and uncovering the sandpit is a great way of providing your child with a fun activity to help break up the day. There are also some excellent indoor sandpits that can be acquired if the weather really is too unpleasant.  But what’s so good about sandpits and what do children get out of it?

If you sit and watch children playing with sand you will see some wonderful learning take place. Give your children some quality construction toys such as the My First JCB toys, sieves, funnels and spades and witness their creative and imagination on action.

Learning with Sand

Some of the ways children can grow and learn playing with sand include:

  • Building communication skills – sharing ideas, helping others to achieve a single goal and discussing their actions and plans
  • Asking questions and solving problems with ideas and tools
  • Experimenting and discovering– what happens to sand when it gets wet?
  • Creating their own environments for play – working the imagination

The My First JCB range available here at GB Toys is the perfect toys to take to sandpits, indoors and out. They are designed to be hardy and durable, able to work hard moving sand, creating tunnels and making ideas happen. Check out our affordable range of construction toys and treat the kids to some fun with sand. 

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