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Let’s Pretend – The benefits of Role Playing

Posted by Lynette - on

 Role playing fun with My 1st JCB from GB Toys

Role playing different characters is a lot of fun. Children love to pretend they are superheroes, mums and dads or people they see in the community or on television. Role playing allows your child to use their imagination and enter a place where they are able to do anything they wish in a safe and playful environment. Role play is more than just fun; it’s also an excellent form of learning and child development.

While role playing your child is:

  • Learning life skills from grown ups
  • Building social skills
  • Working on their language skills
  • Growing leadership skills
  • Solving problems
  • Exploring their imagination
  • Growing in confidence
  • Learning empathy and seeing the world from new perspectives
  • Gives children an opportunity to work on their sensory motor skills

There are so many opportunities to role play each and every day. One of these is to act out real life situations such as playing schools, construction workers, doctors or even pretending to be mum and dad. Giving your child props is a great way to spark off the play that will help them to reinforce what they witness every day in their environment.

The My First JCB range has some excellent toys that can be used in role playing such as the fun walkie talkies. Visit our Golden Bear Toys online store for this and many more construction toys and let your child’s imagination run away with them. 

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