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Half Term Fun!

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 Golden Bear Toys Half Term Activity Ideas

The first half term of the school year is fast approaching. Children that have started school this September will be feeling tired and worn out from all the new activities, early morning rushes, and of course all the incredible amounts of learning they have been doing. Half term gives you the chance to spend some much needed down time with your children and let’s siblings spend some quality play time together. Boredom may not be a problem but it’s a good idea to have some activities in mind just in case.

Half Term Activity Ideas

If you enjoy Halloween you could spend a few days preparing for the day. Pick some pumpkins and start carving and making pumpkin pie and soup. Making your own costumes is also fun and saves money buying one from the shops. Fancy dress is a wonderful way to role play and we all know what great fun that is! You could also encourage your child to get creative and make some decorations for in the house.

This is the perfect time for collecting conkers and having fun with nature. Many schools have banned the activity for health and safety reasons even though the health and safety authority has never banned conkers in the playground. Why not spend a sunny cold autumn day collecting conkers, shining them up and having a few friendly rounds of the traditional game with friends and family.

Play dates are a great way of building and supporting new friendships your child has made at school. Invite one or two friends over at different intervals and get to know the parents a little better over a cup of tea while your youngsters get to know each other outside of school.

We have a great sale on many of our collections here at Golden Bear Toys so if you want to reward your children for a fantastic first term at school check out our bargains and buy some toys for some half term fun!


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