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Do Your Children Play Enough Outdoors?

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 Encourage outdoor play with GB Toys

Do your children spend more time indoors compared to when you were little? Do you find all of the health and safety worries have played a part in your keeping your child indoors more? Perhaps there is a lack of play spaces and child friendly areas in your community? You may be one of the families that have enough time outdoors. Whether your children spend their time inside or out The Guardian want to hear from you. 

Play England have launched a campaign designed to inspire mums and dads to encourage their children to get outdoors. Cath Prisk, the Play England director stated that while evidence shows that outdoor play is essential for children more and more are not getting outdoors enough because of barriers stopping their fun. It is the aim for Play England to encourage parents to provide excellent playing opportunities for their children to play and to help make their community a better place to live.

Outdoor Play

We love to encourage youngsters to go out and explore their surroundings. Our construction toys are perfect for fun in the garden and can help your child to get some fresh air while exploring the nature that surrounds them just outside their door. Take a look at the My 1st JCB range and encourage your child to go outside and have some fun. 

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