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It's Time to Clear Out the Toy Box

Posted by Lynette - on

Time to Clean Out the Tool Box

It’s getting close to the time when you need to clear out the toy boxes and bedrooms, pass on toys to siblings, friends and family and make room for the toys that your child is likely to receive this Christmas. We have some great tips to help you make the job of clearing out to toy box a lot easier:

  • Never attempt to have a clear out with your child present if possible. You may be persuaded to keep toys that they haven’t played with for over a year only to find it is forgotten again by the following morning.
  • Throw away any toys that are broken and cannot be repaired safely. These toys will not be accepted by Charity shops and could present a danger to small children.
  • Invest in some safe plastic tubs to keep all of those small parts and pieces that have been littering the bottom of the toy box for months.
  • Toys that you haven’t seen being played with for over six months could be passed on to a younger child that will benefit from the learning potentials offered by the toy.
  • Soften the blow by reminding your child that they helped out some other children by giving them the old toys they no longer play with. It may also help to remind them that there is now more room for Santa to bring some more toys this Christmas, if they are good of course!

Christmas is now on the lips of many parents as they try to discover what’s on the lists for Santa this year. Here at Golden Bear Toys we know that many parents worry about costs and hate to think that the one main present will be sold out as the Christmas shopping rush kicks in. Therefore on our online store you can find some amazing deals in our sale, as well as some new arrivals that will be loved by children of all ages.



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