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10 Benefits of Toddler Playtime

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 Ten Benfits of Playtime from GB Toys

Ever wondered how toddlers can benefit from playing? There are loads of reasons why playing is such a great way to spend the day, other than simply having fun of course. Here at GB Toys we are going to look at ten reasons why playtime is the best time for your adventurous toddler.

1.       During play your toddler can exercise their own imagination. 

2.       They can discover lots about the world around them.

3.       Through their play they are able to learn new things and discover their limits boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

4.       Playing aids their language development through talking, be it with their toys, imaginary friends, you or their playmates.

5.       Helps to boost empowerment as they can show what they are able to do.

6.       Hand eye coordination is refined when playing with puzzles, toy blocks, dressing dolls and buttoning. These activities also benefit fine motor skills too.

7.       Physical play and activities helps to keep your child healthy and is the perfect way to exert all their energy.

8.       Problem solving can be taught through play. What do you need to make an imaginary cake? How can you sell items in the shop to make money? How can you build a tent with a few bedsheets and some chairs?

9.       Creativity is also exercised through some types of play such as making a house or designing a construction site for their toys.

10.   Playtime and even tidying after play can even help to teach responsibility. Children need to keep their toys in good condition else they could get broken.

As you can see playing isn't all about fun – your toddler is also busy using all different parts of their brains and their bodies too. What will you be playing this week?


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