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Stay Safe at Halloween

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It’s almost Halloween, a fun time for children to dress up and have plenty of goodies and treats from friends and neighbours. With so many activities it is important to keep your toddler safe during this exciting time so we have a few tips to help keep your children safe while they enjoy this unique time of year.

Carving the Pumpkin

We love pumpkin carving here at Golden Bear Toys.  Many shops sell tools for carving pumpkins that are supposed to be child friendly. However, pumpkins can be very hard work and even the bluntest of tools can cause harm.  The best way for children to get involved is to:

·         Draw on the design of the face for the adult to carve out

·         Help to scoop out the insides with a spoon

·         Helping to make pumpkin pie!

Fancy Dress Costumes

There are many cheap costumes and accessories that are sold that may not be flame retardant so remember to check the labels. Many of the costumes are very dark so help your child be road safe by applying strips of reflective tape somewhere on the front and back of the costume so cars are able to be aware of their presence.

Another problem faced by children and parents is allergies to make up and face paints. Look for only nontoxic brands and check to see if your child is allergic. The day before Halloween do a spot test on the inside of your child’s elbow to see if they have a reaction.

Trick and Treating

It’s obvious that young children and toddlers should not be allowed to trick and treat on their own.  When you all go out choose a time after the rush traffic has died down. This is the perfect time to teach your children to never enter the homes of strangers and to only go to homes of people they know well. Teach children not to pet strange dogs when they come to the door too.

Come and follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we would love to see your pumpkin carving creations. Can anyone make a My First JCB Pumpkin?  Have a fun Halloween everyone!

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