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It’s Not Long Until Christmas - What's On Your List?

Posted by Lynette - on

 Award Winning Toys from GB Toys

Can you believe we're nearly half way through November already? The nights are darker and the weather has certainly turned colder. That means Christmas is fast approaching, a time for fun, family, school nativity plays and plenty of presents from Santa Claus.  We have plenty of brilliant Christmas present ideas here at GB Toys, here are just a few.

My First JCB

Our range of construction toys has been so well received by children and their parents alike. We have loads of new toys in the My First JCB collection, ideal if your toddler already owners the popular Talking Joey and Talking Doug Dumptruck. Check out the new additions by visiting the My First JCB pages on our online store.


Our Go MINI range has had an outstanding year and even won awards including the Mums Choice Top 5 Pre School Toy award and the 2012 Practical Pre-School Awards. The great thing about our Go MINI Crewzers and the Go MINI Stunt Launchers is the lack of batteries, perfect for instant and continuous fun on Christmas morning and beyond.

Chloe’s Closet

Chloe’s Closet is also found here at GB Toys. We have lots of different toys in the collection ranging from play sets and figurines to soft cuddly toys. We love Chloe’s Closet and we are not alone. If you are shopping for a child that loves to use their imagination, dress up and make their own adventures Chloe’s Closet is the perfect choice.

You can find all of these toys and more right here on our online store. We are also holding the Golden Bear Toys Xmas Sale on December 8  if you would like to come along and grab some Christmas bargains.

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