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Let's Pretend with Golden Bear

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Let's Pretend with GB Toys

The imagination is a wonderful thing. When a child starts to use their imagination they are developing their learning and life skills. There are many different lessons for toddlers to learn through pretend play including:

Empathy – Your toddler is pretending to be someone else, putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. They might be pretending to be a fireman, a doctor or nurse, a parent or a character from the TV. When pretending your child is learning to think, act and feel the way someone else might – an important social skill.

Language – Talking to toys is strengthening the vocabulary your child has picked up and helping them to develop their speech. In time when playing with others the communication skills will increase.

Solving problems – Putting themselves in their own little scenes will present new challenges. They will solve small problems such as where they need to put a child to bed, what is needed to take a register, what toy or friends can play what role in the game?

Confidence – Learning in a safe and fun environment will help to develop self-confidence. Toddlers can experience new situations in the comfort of their home – such as what happens at the doctors or on the first day at school. It helps to prepare your child for new situations to come.

Excellent Props for Let’s Pretend Play

The toy box can be packed full of excellent props all designed to become something more than they really are.

·         Dressing up clothes and accessories

·         Boxes and blocks

·         Household items such as wooden spoons, saucepans, plastic cups and utensils

·         Soft toys and animals, dolls, construction toys, cars and well known characters such as the Bananas in Pyjamas figurines

·         Doctors kits, tools and work benches, play kitchens

Pretend play is also heaps of fun and your child will learn and grow without even realising it. That's why we say let your toddler's imagination run wild here at GB Toys

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