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Happy Guy Fawkes Night from GB Toys!

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GB Toys Firework Night Safety

Although many of the main firework displays were held over the weekend, tonight there will be plenty of opportunities to watch and enjoy the wonder of rockets, sparklers and Roman candles. If you are visiting a friend’s house or holding your own display this is the perfect time to help teach your toddlers and young children about firework safety.

What You Need

When setting off fireworks in your own back yard it is necessary to be organised and to have some equipment ready. The must haves include:

·         A torch

·         A bucket of soil or sand to put the fireworks in

·         Some buckets of water just in case

·         Gloves and protection for the eyes

·         Supports set up for Catherine wheels

Prepare the area in the day and make sure you set off the fireworks far away from the spectators. Teach your children about the importance of staying back and that they must never approach the fireworks, especially after they have been lit. All animals should be put inside the house and it’s good manners to warn your neighbours of the event too. 

Sparklers can be great fun but they reach temperatures more than five times hotter than cooking oil. Children under five should not be allowed to hold the sparklers. Those over five need to be wearing gloves and to understand that the sparkler must be held away from the body and not touched or picked up once the sparkler has stopped.

If you want to teach your children more about firework safety there are some fantastic quizzes and games found here.

All the Golden Bear Toys team would like to wish you a fun and safe Guy Fawkes Night!

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