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Fun with Felts from Golden Bear

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Colour Your Own Stick on Felts with GB Toys

Sticky felt boards are great fun for children. They can be used to help children learn about the world around them. Using friendly and familiar characters your child can create the perfect rooms or worlds and spaces using their imagination and the felts to inspire them. It’s a chance to help develop imagination and creativity and to discover what your child already knows about the world around them.  You can even use felts to help prepare your child for experiences ahead, such as moving into a new bedroom or home, heading to school for the first time or visiting the doctors.  

Here at Golden Bear Toys we have a wide selection of stick on felts for children aged 3 and up.  At only £9.99 these are wonderful additions to the toy box and perhaps something to consider for under the Christmas tree too. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Peppa Pig House
  • Peppa Pig Castle
  • Ben and Holly’s Large Castle
  • Ben and Holly’s Large Kitchen
  • Mike the Knight

We even have a felt set that can be coloured in by your child. The Peppa Pig colour your own felt set includes 28 felt pieces and 6 pens, the perfect activity for Boxing day and plenty of opportunity to re-play throughout the year. Right now this felt set is only £6.99 in the GB Toys store.

Stick on Felts with GB Toys

Stick on Felts from GB Toys

Golden Bear - Stick on Felts

GB Toys - Stick on Felts

Stick on Felts Available From GB Toys

Golden Bear Toys - Stick on Felts

Felt sets can be used time and time again. They are fun, safe, and a wonderful alternative to drawing and puzzles. Have fun making your scenes and remember you can always share your child's creations with us by following Golden Bear Toys on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


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