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Tips to Help Your Toddlers Vocabulary Grow

Posted by Lynette - on

 Talking to Toys is Great Fun - Bananas in Pyjamas

There are some fantastic ways you can help develop your child’s vocabulary. Even from a very young age your baby is picking up and learning from all the sounds and voices around them. Here are a few ways you can build on their vocabulary and prepare them for school and the big wide world around them.

1.      Reading is a must as this is one of the main ways they learn vocabulary. The more you read the more your child will want to. Spend a little time each day going through books and magazines and make sure the TV is turned off. If you love reading your child will too, and it will help with letter and number recognition, imagination and learning to read too.

2.      Toys that talk are also a good idea. They help to encourage your child to repeat the phrases and even create pretend conversations. Take a look at the talking B1 and B2 soft toys in our Bananas in Pyjamas collection in our GB Toys store.

3.      Word games are fun and can be played online, on mobile phones and tablets or if you like to be more traditional in their good old-fashioned board game form. Look out for Junior Scrabble and Boggle as these are great fun and can be played with in many different ways.

4.      Talking with your friends and family and involving your child in conversations will also be beneficial. You can also work on manners and polite conversation while bringing everyone together. Try to resist the urge to speak for your child when they are spoken to, give them the time to reply.

There is nothing quite so delightful as hearing toddlers babble start forming more recognisable words. We hope you have fun working on vocabulary this weekend!


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