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Saving Money with Peppa Pig and George

Posted by Lynette - on

 Have Fun Painting our Peppa Pig Money Box

Peppa Pig is a much loved character with boys, girls and even parents. If your children love Peppa Pig we have some brilliant toys on sale that would make fantastic stocking fillers this Christmas. On sale right now in our Golden Bear store are the Paint Your Own money boxes. There are two available, one Pepper Pig and one George Pig.

The money boxes come ready to paint. Included in the box are six paints, a paint brush and a set of stickers. Children aged 3 and up can decorate their own money box using their artistic talents and creativity. Once the paint has dried your children can start saving up their pennies. Money boxes help to encourage children to save money but that’s not all. You can use it to help teach your children how to count, what the values of different coins are and money management skills.

George Pig Money Box from GB Toys

Ask your child to count up how much money they have saved every few months, and always count in the coins as they drop through the coin slot. This can be a very fun game, especially for pre-school children, Once they have saved a few pounds or more the money can then be spent on special toys or magazines that they want. You can also teach that some money can be left for saving, other money could be given away and the rest can be spent. This teaches that money is used for all sorts of purposes.

Whether you want to encourage good money management skills from an early age, help your child understand the different types of coins or simply give your child an activity toy of a character they love off the television the Peppa Pig and George Paint Your Own Money Boxes make an excellent choice. 

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