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Money Saving Tips for Christmas!

Posted by Lynette - on

 Christmas Money Saving Tips from Golden Bear Toys

There isn't long until Christmas arrives and it can be a time for worry, especially where the purse strings are involved.  We have a few ways for you to save money and get some extra help from the children to reduce the size of your to do list.

  1. Ask your child to make the Christmas cards, use finger paints, crayons, pens and even make pretty collages.  You could even take a photo of your children or pets dressed in Christmas clothing or costumes and print off the image to create stunning cards, it saves paying out for the shop bought ones.
  2. Use last year’s Christmas cards and old wrapping paper to create attractive and festive present tags. It’s a lot cheaper than buying them, is more eco-friendly than buying new and looks more attractive than writing on the wrapping paper in pen.
  3. If you have an abundance of art work by your child that you've collected through the year you could use it to make inexpensive and very special wrapping paper.
  4. Ask your child to help you in the kitchen. Make some gingerbread men or Christmas cookies and give your child the job of decorating. These make wonderful gifts for friends and family and it’s also useful to keep a few aside as gifts for unexpected guests.
  5. Keep your eyes peeled for sales, promotions and special offers. The Golden Bear Toys sale takes place on December 8 and will give you the perfect opportunity to pick up some quality bargains.

Christmas is a special time of year, it’s a shame to let the thought of money worries stand in the way of fun. You can save money by having fun with your children, recycling and being extra creative together. 

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