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Tips for a Stress Free Christmas with the Children

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Tips for a Stress Free Christmas with Golden Bear Toys

Christmas can be stressful, there are so many things to do, worrying about the weather, money, seeing all the family, additional house guests…It’s no wonder that from time to time we can all feel a little overwhelmed. When there are small children in the house it is easy for stress to rub off on them. They will pick up on your negativity and cause you even more problems. So to help you have the most stress free Christmas with the kids here are a few of our Golden Bear Toys tips that should help:

  • Prepare lots of food in advance and freeze it. When you make a meal remember to make double, let it cool and store it in the freezer to eat over the next four weeks. Once the children are home from school it can be difficult finding the time to keep them amused while cooking healthy meals. You can even start preparing Christmas Day dinner now by making the Yorkshires and mince pies and putting them in the bottom of the freezer. You can also freeze homemade truffles, excellent for pulling out for a treat.
  • Organise some play dates so your little ones can get to see their friends a couple of times during the break.
  • Have a sort out of the toy box in preparation for the new presents that they will inevitably receive over Christmas. If you make space now it will make it easier to tidy everything away and reclaim your living room after the Christmas Day excitement dies down.
  • Choose a small box to keep in the living room for some smaller toys that your child can play with on their own. Find puzzles, dominoes, play sets, sketchy fun games, books and perhaps a couple of dress up costumes.
  • Keep an eye on maintaining your child’s usual schedule, especially where food is concerned. A hungry child waiting in a queue can become a noisy child that will stress you and everyone else out quickly. 

With some careful planning you can help reduce tears and tantrums in your children, and the rest of the family. Christmas is a time for fun and celebrations, don’t let all that stress get in the way of this wonderful time of year. 

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