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Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys from Golden Bear Toys

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 Great Gift Ideas for Christmas from Golden Bear Toys

Pre-school boys have a lot of energy and finding the right toy can help you to enjoy some time in your day to get on with your daily jobs. When buying toys it’s important to make sure that it will be something that will be enjoyed for a long period of time, not just on Christmas Day. It needs to be built to last and entertaining for frequent happy play times.

At Golden Bear Toys we have some fantastic toys that boys will love to find under the Christmas Tree. Our Go Mini Stunt launcher is one of these toys. You will certainly be able to keep your child highly amused and enjoying their play time while you get on with whatever it is you have to do, even if it's just savouring some time to savour your cup of tea.

Reasons Why the Children Love the Stunt Launcher

·         The Go Mini Stunt Launcher is exciting

·         Easy to use

·         Interactive

·         Has a free Go Mini Stunt Car!

·         Non-stop fun

·         Helps to spark their imagination

Reasons Why Parents Love the Go Mini Stunt Launcher

·         It doesn't need batteries!

·         It’s a Mini

·         The children are amused for hours

·         It’s well built and durable

·         The car is the perfect size for little hands

This is one of the great Christmas gift ideas for boys available from our online store at just £19.99. If you buy before December 17 remember to use the Christmas Festival promotional code “XMAS20” at the checkout and save 20% off your order.

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