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Keeping Christmas Traditions Alive with the Help of Your Toddler

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Christmas Traditions!

Nursery and primary schools are breaking up for Christmas this week. The children will be all excited to see what Santa brings and will certainly pick up on all the festive vibes in and outside the home. Children help to bring the magic back into Christmas and it’s a lot of fun teaching them about the traditions that take place in your own family, as well as all over the world at this joyous time of year.

  • Advent calendars will almost be empty by now and this is one of the traditions that can help to build on the excitement.  It’s fun to talk about your Christmases as a child when opening each of the doors. It’s a good way of sharing family stories, explaining what Christmas is about and talking about all of your family, their aunts and uncles, grans and granddads to give them an insight into what has changed since you were little.
  • Once schools and nurseries break up its fun to start cooking some of the more traditional foods together. Gingerbread houses can be reasonably easy for you to make and if your child is very small they can lend a hand safely by decorating the houses with icing, Smarties and other delicious treats.
  • Playing with the nativity scene in your home helps your child to learn about what they might have been focusing on in school, even nursery schools hold plays and you may find you are able to gain several hours of peace as they recreate their play with the figures.
  • Wrapping the gifts is another tradition and something little ones will love to watch and help out with. They will learn that Christmas is about giving and not just for waiting to see what turns up under the Christmas tree. It’s also a lovely time to go and visit friends and loved ones who you may not have seen very much off over the past year - teaching the tradition of friendship and generosity at Christmas.
  • Checking in on elderly neighbours can show your child that it’s important to be a good neighbour. At this time of year many elderly people struggle with getting out to the shops and staying warm. You can help by offering to pick up groceries when you go shopping and perhaps by knitting a warm scarf, gloves or blanket to help your neighbours keep warm in their home.

Do you have any traditions you are looking forward to sharing with your toddler this Christmas? 

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