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Thinking of Others at Christmas

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Be a Knight - Help inspire generosity and giving at Christmas

Christmas is a great time to encourage your child to think of other people less fortunate than themselves. While this may seem like a huge task, especially for very young toddlers it is something you can certainly begin working on. One of the ways to do this is by encouraging your child to clear through their toys and give some to children in local hospitals or sending them to other countries where the kids may not have even heard of Father Christmas.

You can help your child to let go of toys by encouraging them to see how much they have grown up. There may be many toys that they never play with any more, ones designed for small babies and newborns that your child will be happy to let go of; after all they are big boys and girls now.

Giving away toys is not easy for young children. It can be difficult to ask your little one to go through all of their belongings and ask them to give them to someone else. Some younger children who haven’t got to grips with sharing might find it particularly difficult, but you might want to give it a go anyway. If you seen any signs of reluctance that is leading to distress put the idea on hold and start playing instead. You can always have the clear-out while they are busy doing something else. It's better not to make a fuss or force the child to hand over their toys until they are ready. 

Reminding your little one that they have to make way for lots of new toys that Santa is bringing is useful. After all how can they receive that one special toy they want if there is no room left in the toy box? Perhaps show some toys online (such as on the Golden Bear website) to remind them of all the presents that could be turning up in a few days’ time. This is also a great way of seeing what they have their heart set on.

Never make your child give up their favourite toys, the ones that they still enjoy playing with or are emotionally attached to. After all you don’t want to cause any distress while trying to do some good for others. There may be several toys that mean a lot to your child, so let them keep hold of them until they feel ready to let go.


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