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Twelve Golden Bear Days of Christmas

Posted by Lynette - on

Did you know that it is traditional to give presents on each of the twelve days of Christmas? Many people believe the twelve days start before Christmas Day but in fact it Starts on Christmas Day and ends on January 5th.

Not many people give gifts over the twelve day period any more, but most of us are aware of the famous traditional song that begins with the line “On the first day of Christmas”. If your child could pick twelve gifts what do you think they would be? Perhaps it would be one of the top 12 gifts found right here at Golden Bear Toys:

  1. Bite the Go Mini Stunt Racer
  2. My First JCB Talking Doug Dumptruck
  3. Beats the Go Mini Freestyler
  4. Ben and Holly’s Little Castle Playset
  5. Chilli the Go Mini Crewzer
  6. Chloe’s Closet Dress Up Chloe
  7. Bananas in Pyjamas Talking Figurine Set
  8. Chloe’s Closet Magical Dress Up Closet
  9. Bananas in Pyjamas Bedtime Buddy
  10. Poppy Cat Talking Soft Toy
  11. My First JCB Talking Joey
  12. Shoulder Buddies

If only we could all receive twelve gifts up until the beginning of Epiphany. I guess that would mean less to open on Christmas morning though and nobody would want that!

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