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Boxing Day is Here!

Posted by Lynette - on

Boxing Day used to be the day that tradesmen and servants were given gifts from their employers. All the gifts were put in boxes known as the Christmas Box. Now it’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK and it’s often the day that people head out to spend their money in the sales on the high streets. Spending on the high street is down this year and perhaps this year people will continue to do all their bargain hunting online.

Not everyone bothers with the sales though. For many families it’s a second day of eating well and spending time together.  There is usually some great TV to watch and it’s also the perfect excuse to play with all the new toys the kids and the bigger kids in the family received.

Traditionally there are fox hunts that take place all over the UK. While live foxes are no longer hunted ( foxes breathe a sigh of relief!) the hunters still gather in their traditional red jackets and chase the smell of a fox using drag trails. Families gather in villages all over England to see the hunt and this can be enjoyed more now that no foxes will be harmed thanks to the ban. Rugby is another sport that takes place along with horse racing in Cheltenham and Surrey.

The UK is not the only country that recognises Boxing Day as a holiday. Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and New Zealand also have their own traditional routines along with some other nations. For some countries in Europe Boxing Day is known as the Second Christmas Day.

However you choose to spend the day we do hope you have a good one!

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