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Make Good Use of Your Christmas Cards

Posted by Lynette - on

 Time for some crafts with Golden Bear

There are loads of ways to re-use Christmas cards, so before you throw yours into the recycling bin or store them in your attic for decades to come, why not check out these five fabulous ideas.

  1. Cut out the front of the card and attach it to some other folded recycled card in a plain colour. You can the resend them to friends and family next year saving you a pretty penny.
  2. Cut out some of the best bits on the front of each card – the writing, the characters or animals and make a great collage or some new cards to send next year.
  3. Create a Christmassy puzzle. Cut the front page into puzzle shape pictures and sit with your child to try and solve the puzzle. Use larger sized pieces for younger children and perhaps give mum or dad a very tricky one to try and solve.
  4. Use the cards to make gift tags. Use a hole punch and a piece of pretty cord or ribbon to make the gift tag extra special.
  5. Let your children be creative and use their imaginations. Give them a pile of cards, help them to cut up the cards and glue the pictures on paper, cardboard tubes or even to decorate their dolls houses.

Cards don’t have to be wasted once Christmas is over, you can have so much more fun with them. Grab some paper scissors, PVA glue and throw on an apron and have some crafty fun with the kids. 

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