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Help Your Toddler to Learn about Sharing

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 Teach Your Child about Sharing with Tips from Golden Bear

With all the new toys gained over the Christmas holidays your child will probably be spoilt for choice at play time. There are so many new things to play with and new toys to discover. There are also plenty of new and exciting toys that can be used to keep young children occupied while mums and dads catch up over a cup of tea. The problem is many children find it difficult to share and this can lead to tears and tantrums.

Sharing is something that comes with time. As your child grows and learns they will begin to understand that sharing is a good thing. It can help the playtime to become more involved and loads more fun. Children learn to share at different rates but there are a few things you can do to help your child allow their friends to play with their beloved toys and games.

Tips on Teaching Sharing in Toddlers

When you see your child take a toy from one of their playmates give the other child some attention. Hand them another toy and mention the fact that it isn’t very nice to have something snatched out of their hands. Be compassionate to the other child rather than telling off your own.

Help your child learn from your actions. When you need to take something out of the hands of your child avoid taking it by pulling it out of their hands. Ask your child to hand the object over and give them encouragement.

Practice taking turns when it’s just you and your toddler at home. When you are holding an object let your child see how excited you are about it. Ask them if they would like to hold it or play with it for a while and let them know how lovely it feels to share the experience with them.

When you see your child is sharing give some positive reinforcement.  Let them know what they did was sharing and a great thing with simple praise.

Toddlers can find sharing very hard to do but by helping reinforce good behaviour and showing how fun sharing is you can help your child gain the skill in time.

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