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Prepare Your Child for Nursery

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Many children are heading out to nursery or pre-school for the first time this January. It’s a big step but there are some excellent ways to help your child to prepare for the change. In fact, many parents discover that their children adapt quickly and effortlessly and it is themselves who take the change not quite so well. If you or your child is feeling anxious about the upcoming change why not try these simple tips from Golden Bear Toys.

  • Pay the nursery school a visit with your child and show them where they will be spending some of their time. Your child will get to see the welcoming environment, other children and some of the activities they will have a chance to experience soon. You may find your child is reluctant to leave at the end of the tour, which is an excellent sign!
  • Play games that are focused on nursery school. Gather several toys to use as children and use several activities to show that a lot of the time your child will be playing games, reading and taking part in fun activities. Include snack times, washing hands and tidying up as part of the play.
  • Talk about any of your child’s friends or family members who have already taken the step into nursery.
  • Read some books that are about starting nursery school and look out for fun television programmes for toddlers that are based in nursery or classroom settings.

You can help your child to feel more confident at nursery school by helping them to learn the following tasks:

  • How to fasten and unfasten their own coat and shoes. Don’t worry if they are unable to achieve this in time though, they will pick it up eventually.
  • Help your child to recognise their own name when it is written down. They will be able to find their own belongings, pegs and drawers or lockers if they can read their name before they attend nursery.
  • Practise sharing and taking turns with your child – you can learn more about encouraging sharing in our blog post “Help Your Toddler to Learn about Sharing".
  • Encourage your child to wash their hands before and after eating, tidy away toys and put books back after they have been read.

All of the above activities should be made a lot of fun. Remember your child will learn skills at his or her own pace and they shouldn't feel pressured to have mastered them. If you notice your child is becoming anxious it’s a good idea to stop discussing the issue and focus the fun elsewhere for a while. 

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