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Easy to Paint Money Boxes from GB Toys

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 Start Saving Money with Peppa Pig from Golden Bear Toys

It’s never too early to start helping your toddler learn about money. Some children will have received money as gifts over the festive period, and this is a great time to teach the benefits of saving up. At Golden Bear Toys we have a few money boxes that can be painted by your child and used to save their pennies.

Making money saving fun and showing the advantages of saving up shows your child that money is something that needs taking care of. By putting in the money they are given over a period of time allows your child to realise that every penny adds up. It’s also a great opportunity to start teaching your child about the different coins, numbers, different values, counting and adding up. At the end of it you can show your child that they are able to buy a brand new toy thanks to their months of saving in their very own money box.

Fun Money Boxes to Collect and Paint

Some people enjoy collecting money boxes and there are some very popular ones for children available on our website. We have some paint your own money boxes that your children can have a lot of fun with. The money boxes come in the shape of loveable characters such as Mike the Knight, Peppa Pig and George Pig. Along with the plain money box the kit includes some paints and a paint brush and your child can have a lot of fun painting and making their money box their own.

Visit our online store, find the perfect money box and help your child get creative and learn all about money while having fun.

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