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Wrap Up Warm!

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 Teach Children about Snow Safety and Have Fun!

With snow covering much of the UK it’s time to wrap up the children and head outside for some traditional fun. While you are out enjoying playing together it is a good time to emphasise how important it is to remain safe in the cold weather. Remind children that iced over ponds and lakes should never be played on. It may look solid but it could crack very easily. It’s also important to keep dogs off the ice as you could end up putting your on life at risk if you decide to attempt a rescue if they get into trouble.

If you plan on spending some time outside remember to keep an eye on your children’s fingers, ears and even their nose. If they are too cold and wet or getting very red take it as a sign to get indoors and warm up.  Children are more susceptible to frost bite than adults so keep an eye out for the warning signs for frost bite as it does occur in the UK. Ears, feet, hands, lips and noses are especially vulnerable.  The warning signs include feeling cold and pain and pins and needles. If you do have to travel anywhere in the car make sure you take enough warm clothing for everyone and throw in some extra blankets to be on the safe side. 

Wrap up children in suitable clothing such as wools and avoid cotton clothes as they aren't very good at keeping children warm. Make your toddler wear lots of layers and don’t forget a waterproof hat. A lot of heat can escape through the top of the head and hats make a huge difference. Keep a spare pair of gloves or mittens in the house to change into if you’re all having lots of fun but your toddler has wet gloves.  If you are heading out far from the home remember to take the extra gloves with you in your pockets – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Golden Bear team hope you have fun in the snow by going for fun walks with the dogs, sledging, building snowmen and making snow balls to throw at mum or dad. If you need any other ideas of things to do in the snow check out our blog post "Do You Have Snow? Then It’s Time for Some Fun!". If you would like to share your snowman photos with us please do so by visiting our Facebook page or tagging @Golden_Bear_Toy on Twitter. 


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