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Chloe’s Closet Competition

Posted by Lynette - on

Chloe's Closet Competition Now on at Golden Bear Toys! 

Little girls love to get lost in the world of imagination, and Chloe from Chloe’s closet is no different. Chloe and her friends get to go on so many wonderful adventures thanks to her magical closet. Her television show is a big hit with young children who love to watch the four year old as she goes on her adventures.

Bringing Chloe's Adventures to Life

At Golden Bear Toys we have a great collection of Chloe’s Closet toys for children from birth and up.  Now we are offering you the chance of winning the hugely popular and much loved Chloe’s Magical Dress Up Closet.  The closet is magical, it comes with three outfits, a figurine of Chloe and three scene cards. Pick one of the outfits, place Chloe on the platform and close the door tight, pick a scene card and press the heart shape button to see the magic, open the door and Chloe will be all set to go on a brand new adventure.

The Chloe’s Magical Dress Up Closet is for children aged three and up and can be purchased directly from our online store for £29.99. But right now we have a competition and all you have to do to answer is visit the following link: and answer the question. It’s that easy! 

Good Luck to all Chloe's Chloset fans!

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