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Woolly and Tig

Posted by John Chacksfield on

About Woolly and Tig

‘Woolly and Tig’ is an aid to understanding the ‘self’, providing a keystone in learning for the pre-school child. The show takes the form of short, five-minute live action dramas about a three year old girl and her toy spider. The dramas explore the feelings that children have when faced with new experiences. From a first day at nursery school to meeting a man with a beard, uncertainty and anxiety are replaced by fun and laughter when Woolly is animated to life. Anger, jealousy, fear, sadness are just some of the feelings explored in a simple, fun and positive way.

Educational value of the show
Consultant Psychologist Dr Martin Williams has provided invaluable help and guidance in the approach to all the problems Tig faces. Although the show does not claim to provide definitive solutions for these common worries, they are a good springboard for ideas and discussion – providing a useful aid for parents and carers when faced with the dilemmas of the young child. 

The production team got a taste of the same issues many parents face as they filmed these scenes with three year old Betsy, allowing them to capture natural reactions and real resolutions to the situations on film.

These may be similar to something you’re currently facing with your little one. Why not have a look through and see if there is anything that gives you some fresh ideas - you can visit the CBeebies iPlayer to watch episodes and let them introduce ideas to your child in a relaxed, fun way.

About the characters


The ‘Woolly and Tig’ stories are told from three-year-old Tig’s point of view. Tig drives the story and her thinking is there throughout.


Woolly is Tig’s toy spider and he is the ultimate comfort blanket when he magically comes alive for her in difficult situations. Woolly acknowledges all Tig’s feelings giving her empathy so that ultimately Tig is helped to make sense of the situation and find a solution. Woolly acts both as Tig’s alter ego and her big brother.

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