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Healthy and Fun Lunches for Toddlers

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Toddlers can become fed up with lunches and soon opt to skip eating in order to rush back to playing. While teachers and childminders will make an effort to encourage your child to finish their food you can help by adding an element of fun to their meal times – at nursery school, primary school and at home.  Here are some good ideas to get you started:

Improve the lunch box and make it work for you – look for boxes with small containers where you can keep foods separated from each other. That way you can add small bites of various foods and make lunch look more appealing.

Choose dipping foods, toddlers love to dip so chop up some carrots, celery sticks, peppers, chicken or add crackers to the lunch box. Put a small container of something yummy to dip into and enjoy watching your little one munch happily away while enjoying the whole dipping experience.

Pasta is a brilliant lunch time filler. You can keep pasta from clumping together by adding a splash of olive oil. Place the pasta in one side of the lunchbox and toppings on the other so your pre-schooler can have fun sprinkling on the cheese, tuna, cucumber or any toppings you know they will enjoy.

Avoid getting into the habit of putting a chocolate bar or sweets into the box. If you never add it your child will never be disappointed when they don’t find one inside. Choose fruits instead such as mixed berries, peeled oranges, apple slices or raisins.

Make the lunch an exciting and fun discovery by adding a little art into the preparation. Here are a few of our favourites that we found on Pinterest:

Source: Pinterest - Your Secret Ingredient

Source: Pinterest - Sherrie Le Masurier

Source: Pinterest - REGINA Wilson

We would love to see your lunch time creations, especially if you can make one of the loveable characters from our Golden Bear Toys store. Follow us on Pinterest and tag @GoldenBear and we'll repin your lunches on our Lunch Box Ideas for Toddlers pinboard. 

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