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Learn to Communicate with Mr Tumble - What is Makaton?

Posted by Lynette - on

One of the upcoming toy ranges to be released by Golden Bear during 2013 is the Something Special collection. Mr Tumble is a fun, loveable character that has become a massive hit with children on the hugely popular Something Special show on CBeebies.  Mr Tumble has a great way of communicating to children and he uses Makaton signs and symbols throughout the show to help strengthen understanding and communication for everyone. But what is Makaton?

Makaton is a language program used to support speech. The signs and symbols are used alongside speech in spoken word order. Many children and adults use Makaton freely and find that as speech becomes more developed the signs are dropped once they are no longer required.

The language program is useful for young children and children or adults with limited or no speech. It’s flexible and is useful in helping children to:

  • Tell stories, read and listen
  • Play games and take part in songs
  • Share emotions, decisions and thoughts

There are over 100,000 people who use the symbols and signs of Makaton. Mr Tumble has helped to bring the learning system into the homes of parents and help toddlers and young children communicate their wants, needs and ideas before they are able to speak fully. You can learn more by visiting: 


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