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Half Term Fun

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The gang here at Golden Bear all love the holidays. Half term is the perfect time to take a break from work and wind down after the first busy term of the year. If you have older children in the home your toddler will love having them at home and will certainly want to make the most of it. Your older children may not like the idea of being a constant play buddy but we have a few ideas that can involve the whole family and perhaps even give you some time to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea in peace.

Have fun locally

There’s no need to pack up and look for a last minute deal. If you are staying close to home investigate some of the local activities. Libraries often hold activities for children in the holidays as well as local museums. Look for activities for all ages – story telling and painting for the younger ones, fun exhibitions and fun on computers for the older members of the family.

Organise a Meet-up at the Park

Get the bikes out of the shed, dig out the skates and pop a helmet and knee pads on your youngsters and head to the park. Try and arrange to meet a group of friends and their children for even more fun. Spend a few hours burning off all of that excess energy and enjoy tucking the kids into bed a bit earlier later that night. Remember to take some drinks and sandwiches so hunger doesn't bring the fun to an end too quickly.

Have a Sleepover

Organising a sleepover may sound like a lot of stress but the children will love it. Sleepovers are a great confidence booster. Let the children make a den, take them out to the park and remember to ask what foods they enjoy. It’s always a good idea to get a movie to watch when everyone is worn out later on.  Be prepared for a late night and an early morning – in fact try not to plan anything for the next day so you have time to recover. Arrange for the kids to be collected pretty early the following day.

Above all have fun together and make the most of the down time. It’s always nice not to have to rush off in the mornings so leave a few free days where you have nowhere to rush to. 

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