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Parents Make the Best Play Buddies

Posted by Lynette - on

Have fun playing and learning with your toddler with GB Toys

Being a parent to a toddler is the perfect excuse to embrace your inner child. Playing has so many benefits for young children so if you have spent the afternoon playing rather than working you can rest assured that it was time well spent.  Playing isn't just about having a good time it’s also about feeling good and learning without even thinking about it.

As a toddler plays they are not only having a giggle, they are also learning constantly. For example, if your child is playing with the shape sorter they are overcoming problems - What shape fit’s where? They can also use the toy to learn their colours and shapes. It also teaches patience, problem solving and eye/hand coordination. Playing with cuddly toys or figurines works the imagination. Sharing and taking turns. Active play such as climbing on the climbing frames at the park teaches your toddler about how the body works, their confidence and increases coordination too.

Playing leads to learning. Being there to help lead the play or as the spring board for your child’s imagination is such a wonderful part of parenting and gives you both a chance to have fun together. Invest in learning props such as toys, books, puzzles and play equipment and have heaps of fun  watching your toddler learn without even realising it 

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