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Bath Times Can Be Fun!

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Fun bath time tips from GB Toys

Some babies and toddlers take to bath times like a duck to water. They need little to no encouragement to be lifted into the water, have a wash and a play and get back out when the washing is over. Then there are others who simply find the whole process of bathing a big ordeal they would rather do without. Sadly, for the parents of these children, bath times can become stressful rather than relaxing, but there are things you can do to help improve the bath time ritual into a fun and playful session that you can both enjoy.

  • Add some bubbles – they can make all the difference. It’s a good idea to show your child the bubbles forming as the water runs in the bath. Encourage your child to have fun with the foam, holding it in their hands and creating an attractive beard on your face. To make things even more fun bring out a pot of bubbles so you can play together once your child agrees to get in the water. You can blow the bubbles and your child can try to catch them or pop them or simply watch them land on the water.
  • Include toys in the bath time action. Choose plastic and durable toys such as construction toys from the My First JCB range here at Golden Bear. There are some very fun bath time squirters’ who can transform a boring bath into a time for laughter and play.
  • Look for bath paints and crayons and allow your child to draw on the tiles or the side of the bath. As this type of activity is usually discouraged and not allowed in the rest of the home children can become excited at the prospect of being let loose with their creative side. 
  • Think of something to use as a reward for getting out. Perhaps a game, story or a favourite television show will help stop the tears that sometimes arrive when bath time is over.

Try not to show your child you are stressed out by their dislike for baths. Seeing you stressed out or upset will only add to the tension of the bath and will discourage your child from getting in or out. Do you have any tips to add? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook. 

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